Spellbinding & thought provoking tale!
By VAB on September 1, 2012

A thoroughly riveting and thought provoking read. It has everything - romance, revolution, courtrooms, brawls, ship sinking, tenderness, love, international politics. This spellbinding tale will leave you feeling good. One of the best I've ever read.

Over The Top Intrigue!
By Dii on August 5, 2013

For over-the-top intrigue, The Tortoise Shell Game by V. Frank Asaro is a MUST read! Do you like a main plot with snaking tendrils writhing in the background like Medusa's hair? I was amazed at how, after a slow build, the plot took off like a roller coaster going downhill. What's the story about, you ask? The Main Line, a lawyer, who has always worn the "White Hat" of justice is embroiled through deceit in an insurance scam that cost the lives of good men. He is railroaded into prison, with no parole in sight. Unable to prove his innocence, his brilliant mind stays active with by engaging in one of his secret passions, writing. Meanwhile, his friends, family and supporters work to uncover the heinous plot that landed him behind bars. His book is published under a nome de plume as a co-writer with another brilliant attorney. It becomes a "must read" for politicians, as well as the more cerebral readers. Can it actually become a tool in settling political unrest in a small war-torn country? Might it also become his ticket out of prison? Sound a little far-fetched? Not after you read how brilliantly V. Frank Asaro has woven his plot! I could not put this book down! I was transported from the past, and into the present with a collage of snippets from Anthony Darren's life. From there, as each sub-plot was revealed, and the characters played over-lapping roles in each, I was in a guerrilla shoot out, fled a sinking boat, sat in on Grand Jury investigations, back room deals, and vital debates designed to end an ongoing political war! I am forever grateful not to have experienced the garbage truck ride! Mr. Asaro's pen never slowed down, never stopped holding me captive! And the ending? I admit it, I was doing fist pumps! Definitely add this to your "Gotta Read This One" list!

A terrific story, provocative, interesting, and fast paced...
By byb on September 5, 2012

The Tortoise Shell Game
Off the coast of Southern California, the Sea Diva, a tuna boat, sinks. Members of the crew are missing and what happened remains a mystery. Anthony Darren, a renowned and wealthy lawyer at the top of his game, knows the boat's owner and soon becomes involved in the case. As the case goes to trial, a missing crew member is believed to be at fault, but new evidence comes to light and the finger of guilt points in a completely unanticipated direction. Now Anthony must pull together all his resources to find the truth in what has happened and free a wrongly accused man--as well as untangle himself. Fighting despair, he finds that the recent events have called much larger issues into question. As he struggles to right this terrible wrong, Anthony makes new and enlightening discoveries in his own life-long battle for personal and global justice.

Great read
By alison thietje on May 13, 2014

I couldn't put it down! I love when a book catches my attention in the first 5 minutes. Thought provoking.